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We are a recognized student organization in the College of Forestry for those who dare to experience what the outdoors have to offer. By pooling together the resources and abilities within the club, and from our advisors, we are able to create the opportunity to experience natures adventurous edge one step further. This is an awesome group of people, always open to new members, and a fantastic way to meet new friends!

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A four-year course in forestry was first offered at Oregon State College (Now Oregon State University) in the fall of 1906 within the Department of Botany and Forestry under the direction of the School of Agriculture.

Scarcely two months after the fall term started, Professor E. R. Lake met one evening in his home with five forestry students, C. C. Gate, L. H. Stone, B. B. Totten, H. L. Currin and A. B. Mitchell. The purpose of the meeting was to establish a Forestry Club. The date was November 16, 1906.... (learn more)